Putting Petits Filous back on the shopping list.
Petits Filous

The task

Petits Filous challenged us to change perception of its fromage frais range amongst millennial parents. Traditionally perceived as a treat rather than an everyday snack, we were tasked to raise awareness of the new additions to its product range and ensure Petits Filous made its way onto shopping lists throughout lockdown, when snack demand was particularly high!

What we did

To ensure millions of mums and dads read and heard about Petits Filous we commissioned research of 2,000 British parents to find out the 30 things they only learnt once they became a parent.

The research gave us a strong news hook and a reason to reach out to national, lifestyle and regional press.

To give the story longevity, we partnered with parenting influencer Charlotte Taylor to create engaging and authentic content to bring our story to life online via YouTube and Instagram. Two channels we identified as being core for our audience of millennial parents.


Delivering over 31,178,121 opportunities to see, our campaign reached millions of parents. Coverage highlights included a full page in the Daily Mirror, print coverage in the Daily Express, Daily Star and another write-up in the Mirror, and a strong online piece. This was supported with regional and lifestyle coverage and a 15-minute radio interview.

Charlotte’s two vlogs further brought our content to life and attracted some really positive reactions from parents identifying with the research, and expressing interest in Petits Filous’s two new products that are perfect for everyday snacking. Her videos generated over 14,000 views on YouTube and nearly 1,000 positive engagements. Charlotte’s supporting Instagram content reached nearly 50,000 more parents.

The campaign delivered an ROI of 13.5:1 and we received first-hand feedback from mums saying that now they’d seen the mess-free and no added sugar products they were more likely to consider using it as a snack, both because it was easier to consume and they felt confident it was healthier due to the reduced sugar levels.

Opportunities to see
“A lot was achieved with this project, particularly the strong integration of the research and the influencer content. It's been a pleasure working with you all on this and will definitely keep you in the loop for future projects” Brand Manager at Petits Filous Benjamin Thompson-Star
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