Levelling up digital assets on Amazon for Pentland Brands.
Pentland Brands

The task

Pentland wanted to improve its product led assets for the digital retailer landscape, with a focus on Amazon, to educate people at the point of purchase and encourage conversion.

The refresh focused on 140 best-selling products across five brands: Speedo, Berghaus, Canterbury, Mitre and Kickers.

What we did

We know shoppers on Amazon almost always view every carousel image but don’t read the lengthy product descriptors so we needed visual assets that communicated product information in a quick and engaging way​.

Our approach needed to be efficient and cost effective to span across large quantities of products whilst maintaining quality creative to elevate shopper experience with a creative flair often lacking in this space.

After assessing the needs of each brand and scope of products, we developed a set of guidelines that detailed the creative approach for photography and asset creation.

We then set to work​.

Over seven days of non-stop shooting, we captured detailed imagery for every product with a unique set design for each brand capturing over 400 stills. ​

We refined and finessed all feature and benefit copy and utilised these assets to create 140 educational videos​.

All videos were then translated into five European languages resulting in over 700 total assets. ​


Within the first six months of the assets being used on Amazon, we’re already seeing great results.​

Reviewing key products, we’re starting to see as much as triple digit growth in conversion rates. And because people are more educated about the products, we’re seeing returns decrease by up to 50% on some products​.

“This is the ideal product page content, both the imagery and video. The best I’ve seen in category and possibly beyond” Amazon Vendor Manager

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