Engaging a younger audience with The FA Cup and Mitre.

The task

Create a fully integrated campaign that champions Mitre’s partnership with The FA and its competitions.

What we did

We launched #ThisIsFootball – a campaign that gets to the heart of what football means to people using an authentic, real tone of voice with a graphic style that’s surprising and unpredictable. Just like The FA competitions themselves. Using bold patterns inspired by the very fabric of the game such as netting, terracing and shapes mowed into match day pitches.

The photographic style focuses on authentic moments including shots by renowned realist football photographer, Stuart Roy Clarke. The headline font is inspired by the numbers found on the backs of shirts. All held together with a grid system built from the markings of an actual football pitch. It’s not a campaign that’s about football, because it is football.

The activity connected with a younger audience through engaging content, exclusive events and credible influencers.


Featuring up and down the country online, in store and during games. Producing knockout results in social, striking sales in retail and destroying digital KPI’s. Facebook reach increased by over 60% whilst Instagram engagement was up by 1760%!

A targeted influencer and PR programme enabled us to reach our younger football fan, as well as continuing to engage existing Mitre consumers. Media partnerships with Mundial and Cheeky Sport saw the essence of #ThisIsFootball translated through content on their platforms. The Mitre Delta Max FA landed across BBC Breakfast News, Soccer AM, Sky News and national press including The Guardian. We delivered an editorial ROI of 8:1 smashing the industry average of 3:1.

A brilliant way to kick off our partnership with The FA who were equally impressed by this campaign. -Beth Fletcher-Hunt, Brand Manager, Mitre
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