Using social to increase appeal to younger runners.
Brooks Sports

The task

Make Brooks Running relevant to a younger audience while still maintaining interest amongst its existing audience of older, more experienced runners.

What we did

Brooks Running approached us because of previous social & PR campaigns they had seen Mercieca successfully deliver for Puma. To help solve their perception challenge, we implemented a two-pronged PR and social media strategy. Using Facebook and Twitter, and introducing Instagram for the first time, we targeted a younger audience alongside a more traditional, balanced PR approach for existing Brooks fans.

We created a bank of new assets including shooting authentic lifestyle imagery of ‘real runners’, moving the brand away from using catalogue imagery on social. We engaged with existing Brooks fans and repurposed their imagery and runs to drive further advocacy.

To gain the level of engagement we wanted, we utilised our network of running and fitness influencers. By delivering knowledge of the superior, new Brooks tech and designs through face to face briefings, they also quickly became advocates for the brand.

We gained further influence by seeding Brooks with celebrity running fans such as Heart radio presenter Jenni Falconer and Sky Sports Boxing presenter Anna Woolhouse.

Brooks’ social media platforms have seen an increase of over 100% in followers.


Because of the new content and swift access to high profile influencers, Brooks’ social media platforms saw an increase immediately in followers – over 100% initially. The engagement rate followed and the introduction of celebrities and advocates also led to a positive drive in conversation and organic content.

Our client said: “Mercieca has a really honest and open approach. They always managed our expectation and went above and beyond to deliver. Supporting us at events which was outside of their remit, through to giving us trusted consultancy on direction.”

“We originally approached them knowing they had a proven track record for delivering results and their network – which added great value to us.”

In addition, we ensured Brooks Running regularly featured in specialist running titles including Runners World and Athletics Weekly, alongside a new approach for the brand in lifestyle media such as Elle, Stylist, Fabulous and Men’s Health.

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