Growing out of season spirit sales.

The task

William Grants & Sons wanted to encourage trial and purchase of six of their spirit brands outside of the main winter sales season in key Sainsbury’s stores.

What we did

We knew how important versatility, taste and mixability was to shoppers when considering new brands, especially whisky, so we created 'Try Something Interesting', an identity for the brand collection that encouraged drinkers to think about them differently. The in-store campaign showcased whisky-based cocktails that especially suited warm, summer occasions.

Featuring a stunning shelf display with tasting notes and cocktail recipe advice, customers could also enter a competition to win a bottle of their favourite brand via an interactive microsite, all created by Mercieca’s in-house team.


Over 20,000 bottles were sold during the total three-week period, meaning sales almost reached peak Christmas levels for the selected brands.

Over 20,000 bottles were sold during the total three week period
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