Trick or treat? Chupa Chups lands a TikTok triumph.
Chupa Chups

The task

Chupa Chups asked us to position its iconic lollipops as the perfect Halloween treat for young families with children aged four-12 years. Incorporating the brand’s bespoke Halloween filters created for TikTok.

What we did

Halloween is the biggest confectionery opportunity of the year, so we knew we needed to build a strong emotional connection with our audience to ensure Chupa Chups stood head and shoulders above its competitors.

We spoke to young parents to find out what they love about Halloween, and whilst it’s fast becoming the ‘new Christmas’ (all the fun with none of the stress) it’s easy to feel like you haven’t done enough.

With pressures on social media mounting to book pumpkin picking and organise matching spooky outfits, some of our parents were feeling like they just couldn’t compete.

So, we tapped into that truth of scouring the internet on 30th October and realising nothing is available for next day delivery, or, perhaps worse, being stood at your door empty handed when the trick or treaters turn-up. We created Chupa Chups SOS (Save our Screams) boxes designed to save parents that forgot to plan their Halloween preparations.

We identified six TikTok creators to bring our campaign to life. Each family created two videos bringing to life the concept of being unprepared for Halloween. The first content focused on showing off the spooky filters, whilst the second set gave viewers the chance to win their own Chupa Chups SOS box delivered to them the day before Halloween weekend.

The boxes included everything from ‘real-life’ filters, to costumes, accessories and plenty of Chupa Chups. With all content going live the week before Halloween, we reached our audience right at the point of Halloween despair, and during the middle of half-term

Our content generated a total of 85,472 likes, 1,062,852 views and an average engagement rate of 6.6%, above industry standard given the high follower count of our influencers.

Check out some of the content created here: Sophiena, Coles Family, Ayodi Family, Dan Spragg, Connor Kearn

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