Raising awareness of how Licensed Trade Charity can help those in the drinks trade.
Licensed Trade Charity

The Task

Licensed Trade Charity came to us with an awareness brief through a recommendation by another charity client. They were in an unusual position for a charity as they had funding to help people in need but there was a lack of awareness about who they were or how they could help people in the drinks industry. They asked us to develop a strategy to reach the trade with a striking and memorable campaign.

What we did

We created Time to Open Up. A campaign that talked to pub and bar people using striking neon signage, encouraging them to open up if they are struggling. To extend the campaign and convey our key messages we developed four further key visuals. Each one tackled a different subject and a suite of assets were created for press, online, direct mail and event collateral in order to reach our target audience.


The feedback from the pub and bar industry has been incredible and the helpline is already proving to be an incredibly popular and important part of the Licensed Trade Charity’s service to the industry.

“The ‘Time to Open Up’ campaign has made a step change for the organisation, and, along with the relationships we have built in the sector, really gained exposure this year. The two largest pub employers and the two largest leased and tenanted pub operators are all adopting us.”

Liz Gaffer, Director of Marketing

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