Smashing records on social for Mitre.

The task
Drive awareness of Mitre as the official ball supplier of The Emirates FA Cup. Highlight the power of the Ultimax Pro ball. Generate buzz in earned media and across social channels in the lead up to the final.

What we did
We teamed up with SFX agency, The Berry, to create a viral stunt that harnessed AR technology to show a youth team player shattering a goal frame with a strike of unbelievable force. The shot leaves players and onlookers stunned as to what happened, with the famous Wembley arch shimmering in the background as a subtle nod to the upcoming FA Cup final. The clever blend of raw, real time action coupled with the latest 3D effects produced a film the had people guessing if it was real or not. Helping to drive conversation whilst showcasing the power of the Ultimax Pro ball.

When the campaign went live it was clear that it wasn’t just crossbars that were being smashed, but records too. The post became the most viewed Mitre post, ever. Providing 7.3m OTS and achieving over 2.3 million views. The content was also shared by media, influencers and celebrity football fans including The Metro, Tubes and England rugby player Tom Curry.
Whilst football fans up and down the country debated whether the content was real or not, others called out the balls power. With highlights including ‘That’s power!’ and ‘He’s going to be the next Hulk’, helping to further underline the campaign message. What a result.

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