Putting Adelie Foods back on the table.
Adelie Foods

The task

Following some business losses, perception of leading food-to-go company, Adelie Foods, was at an all-time low. They needed to step change opinion – fast.

What we did

We propelled Adelie back on to the scene with a bang, using its new brand Daily Bread as an excuse to revitalise conversations with media and customers. We took a cruise down the Thames aboard the Daily Bread boat to see the sites that had inspired the London-themed brand. The deli themed decor, samples and chef demos brought to life the artisan message and firmly re-established Adelie as an innovative Food To Go business. All supported by a proactive press office and internal comms programme to capitalise on the impact we’d made, as well as what was happening with the company and in the news.


The event was well received by over 80 guests – a mix of media, senior foodservice professionals and wholesale and retail buyers. And was heralded as “the best launch event in recent years” by a leading trade journalist. As well as creating a buzz across social media, coverage exceeded a readership of three million in titles that spanned both convenience retail and catering. Several product orders were made as a result, and a new contract agreed with a major retail group.

Through our media network and insight led team our press office not only led to a consistent share of voice throughout the year, it:

· Improved relationship with The Grocer, resulting in more balanced reporting and a 40% increase in positive coverage

· Created business leads - Speaker slots secured throughout the year led directly to meetings with major retailers and foodservice operators

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