Working well from home.

6 April 2020

Some of us are a little more used to working from home than others. But going from the odd day, to days, weeks and potentially months at home means that as a team we’ve been presented with, and are overcoming, some new challenges. From juggling Zoom calls with childcare. To simply just missing the office banter – of which there is plenty at Mercieca HQ! So, we asked our team to share some of the apps that are helping lift their mood. Here’s our recommendations:

Retreat by Boho Beautiful

Renata (Finance Manager) – I absolutely love this app. You just grab your mat, a glass of water and it’s like having your own private yoga class. I normally do it in the morning and now have the time to do it in the evening too. It’s a great way to start and end the day and helps me relax and stay supple during a time that can be quite tense. If I was in the office I’d definitely be moving around more, so I’m ensuring that I’m introducing regular movement and keeping an eye on my posture throughout the day.


Sophia (Account Director) – There’s a reason this is the number one app for meditation and sleep. I especially love the ‘sleep stories’ for dosing off into a deep sleep and switching off from the world (Matthew McConaughey is my absolute favourite!), the meditation classes and the music. My days have definitely got busier balancing work and childcare, but this is the perfect way to switch off at the end of the day.


Emily (Senior Designer) - I use Headspace. I listened to a podcast about the creator who lived as a monk for many years which turned me onto it. I like how user-friendly it is and the mediations are easy to follow, so it’s ideal for getting started. It helps me recognise my strange thought patterns! And right now their ‘stress less, move more’ messaging couldn’t be more apt.


Jade (Account Director) – It’s like having your own personal wellbeing coach. Sending quotes and reminders to perk up your mood. There’s meditation to help you pause. And a reminder of the little moments that make up your day and encourage a positive mindset.

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