Who’s killing the AI campaign game?

21 August 2023

There’s no doubt that AI, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering and Prompt Crafting have all become the marketing buzzwords of 2023. Brands continue to tap into these new-found tools at an alarming rate, which means the latest promotional campaigns are getting slicker and more innovative every week. So, which advertisers are changing the game?

Whether you’re looking to keep your brand ahead of the curve, or simply can’t get enough of the boundless capabilities of AI, we’ve rounded up our favourite campaigns so far.

1. Maybelline - Sky High Mascara

Kicking things off with Maybelline’s viral sensation. This clever out-of-home campaign utilised AI to realistically place false eyelashes and mascaras on various forms of London public transport - amassing millions of online views and sparking debate about whether it was real.

2. Nike - Never Done Evolving

To commemorate Serena Williams playing her 27th and final year as a professional, Nike teamed up with AKQA studios to create a simulated match-up between Serena from her first Grand Slam at the 1999 US Open, versus her most recent at the 2017 Australian Open. The goal? To gain insight on how Serena got to where she is today and how she challenges the future.

3. AKQA – A Journey to the Unknown

Leading on from their work with Nike, AKQA recently released their latest immersive and interactive experience – A Journey to the Unknown. Designed to explore the technological possibilities of AI, visitors can play through an illustrated adventure, that evolves based on every choice made by the user.

4. KAYAK – Deniers

Created by AI agency Supernatural, ‘Deniers’ is a series of ads from across the pond that took the internet by storm with a spoof conspiracy theory. How did they come about? Supernatural’s AI platform harnessed consumer data drawn from social media and market research to suggest campaign strategies, then automatically generated ideas for KAYAK advertising copy and other marketing materials.

Despite plenty of chatter that AI is ‘taking over’, it’s clear that these campaigns would not be possible without creative minds behind them. As platform capabilities continue to develop, producing new insights, inspiration, and creativity, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Written by our Social Media Manager Jess, not AI!

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