Tips to level up your e-comms assets.

11 January 2023

As people continue to increasingly shop online, there is a small window to engage shoppers at digital point of purchase. Yet we often see brand experience fall short at this pivotal final stage.

Here’s our top tips on creating stand out content.

Brand identity: Ecommerce product pages can sometimes feel worlds away from the brands consumers know and love. Bereft of the creativity seen in leading campaigns. Ensure your brand identity flows right through the shopper journey to point of purchase. Consider art direction, set design, model selection in addition to graphics and editing style of the final assets. All of which elevate your product and encourage purchase.

Brand personality: Thread your tone of voice through your feature and benefit copy. Whether that’s innovative technology that your audience understands, or benefit led examples to breakdown jargon around features. Always ensure you bring your brand personality through.

Engage and educate: Point of purchase is your opportunity to convince people to finalise their purchase. Make sure they have all the information they need on why they should choose your product. Tech features, benefits, sizing and fit all help the purchase decision as well as reduce returns. Short video content is a great way to communicate this in a simple and engaging way that lends itself to the mobile-first shopping landscape.

Don’t dismiss quality for quantity: Balance is key, these assets need to be functional and produced on large scale. However, don’t dismiss quality at such a pivotal point on the shopper journey. With careful planning and creative consideration, you can create stand out assets at scale.

Stand out: With so many products accessible at their fingertips, consumers have more choice than ever. Don’t be afraid to do things differently to ensure you jump off the shelf in the digital world.

If you’re looking to improve your product led assets in the digital retailer landscape, to educate people at the point of purchase and encourage conversion, contact [email protected]. We’d love to chat further to see if we can help you refresh your approach.

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