Tick, tock. Snooze and you’ll lose. Five trends going viral for Gen Z right now.

1 March 2023

Trends on TikTok can pass you by quickly…one minute they’re clocking up millions of views, and the next they’re the equivalent of chip shop paper. Keeping track of these viral videos can help brands jump on trends in a way that’s relevant to their audience. Here are a few that have caught our eye recently…

Lucky Girl Syndrome

Described as ‘the disease you want to catch’ Lucky Girl syndrome kicked off earlier this year on TikTok and is all about manifesting a life of positivity and good fortune. Tell yourself you’ll win, succeed and it will happen! Amassing over 150 million views globally, the trend has been criticised for essentially being a load of white girls not checking their own privilege. How or why do brands care? Brands have been mentioned with Lucky Girl syndrome, whether it’s finding six pink Mentos in a row, or securing a great deal on flights…there’s a place and a voice for brands to get involved.


Deinfluencing sees people posting videos describing exactly why shouldn’t buy a product, instead of recommending why you shouldn’t. #Deinfluencing has racked up over 20 million views, but brands shouldn’t be alarmed. Any publicity is good publicity may not ring true on social media, but a bad review is what you make of it. How you respond, creatively, with wit or honesty could help you win kudos with discerning viewers.

Pass, pass, smash

Trending audio Pass or Smash has been popular recently, with a slew of content created showing various scenarios that can either be deemed a ‘pass’ – for example folding laundry or a ‘smash’ ordering a takeaway. You have to be speedy to jump on these kind of audio trends, but with TikTok’s algorithm not wholly dependent on number of followers, anything can go viral.

Eating in the shower

There really is no guessing where TikTok will take you next. A recent popular video from creator Au.Stino has now amassed 7.5 million views, is all about eating an orange in the shower for "probably one of the most ethereal things [you] can experience on this planet". In his second follow-up video, he claims that "eating an orange eliminates any worry of making a mess. [...] In a hot shower, the heat and humidity exaggerate the taste and smell of orange. The smell of citrus has also been linked to stress relief. So, this is a well-rounded experience". Watch the video here. We don’t need to tell you what brands could do with this, but from experiential to quick content tips…it’s all possible.

Barbie Dancing Dogs

The who now? TikTok users have been creating clips using cut-outs of two dancing dogs from the 2008 film Barbie and the Diamond Castle. Often backed a version of the song In Ha Mood by rapper Ice Spice, the videos are going viral. Brands have carved out a space for themselves here with skincare brand The Ordinary showing a video of the two dogs shopping their store.

Expect the unexpected on TikTok, and where appropriate jump on the bandwagon as quickly as you can, because one thing is certain, these trends are not here to stay.

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