The Power of Automation: Enhancing performance with AI tools.

14 July 2023

There’s no denying that the merging of artificial intelligence and marketing disciplines has revolutionised the way PR, social media, creative and branding are executed. AI's capabilities have paved the way for data-driven decision-making, personalised customer experiences, enhanced brand interactions and more. As it continues to advance, the brands and companies that will thrive in the future will be those that are nimble and adapt. So, how has the space changed?

In PR, AI-powered media monitoring tools can now track news and social media mentions, providing teams with real-time insights on brand reputation. From assessing public sentiment, to proactively managing a potential crisis, tools such as Propel PRM have emerged as end-to-end solutions for saving time and transforming earned media results. Meanwhile the notorious Chat GPT and assistants such as Odin AI are capable of ideation, personalising messaging and condensing copy, all of which bolster, but never replace, pitching and writing workflows.

For social media marketers, AI has become an indispensable tool for optimising content, engaging with audiences, and overall gaining a competitive edge. Providers such as Brandwatch and Sprout Social are a must when it comes to streamlining reporting processes, tracking KPIs, measuring engagement and even monitoring competitor activity, all enabling marketers to refine strategies further.

When it comes to paid social advertising, it’s no secret that Meta’s algorithms are improving daily. By analysing vast amounts of user data, customer segmentation and targeting has bever been easier, breaking down audiences into demographics, interests, and behaviours, therefore ensuring a brand’s message is heard by the right people.

Finally in branding, AI is revolutionising the creative process. Huge leaps have been made in AI-powered design tools, automating tasks like logo creation, typography selection and image editing, drastically reducing the time and effort required to develop brand visuals. Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool has become a firm favourite amongst our studio team.

For inspiration purposes, brands should also look to MidJourney - which has gained a reputation for being the premier AI image generator, offering the incredible ability to create almost any image you can think of.

Early adopters have been bracing AI for some time, and we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be matched with Actual Intelligence. From streamlining workflows, to producing thumb-stopping content fast, the tools we will use moving forwards will only enhance our creativity, not replace it. With so many opportunities to grow, we can’t wait to see which direction it takes.

This blog post was drafted by Chat GPT, refined by humans.

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