Sampling for KP Snacks.

19 May 2016

It’s been a busy month for KP Snacks and the team here at Mercieca. Launching not one but two pieces of NPD in the space of just two weeks, we needed to ensure we stood out from the crowd. So what better way than to deliver the news and samples ourselves?

First up, we introduced Newtrade Publishing to the first ever flat crisp from McCoy’s. Making sure the new crisps ended up in the mouths of key journalists from each of its influential trade titles, the new format and stand-out packaging went down a storm with all those who tasted them. Coverage began appearing that afternoon, and after transforming reception into a one-stop shop for the new crisp, we ensured the visit reached as many people as possible with visitors having plenty of packets to take away and enjoy at home.

Our next destination was William Reed, where we turned up armed with over 200 packs of the new Golden Hoops range from Hula Hoops. Every hoop was consumed within 15 minutes, with supplies running dry shortly after employees began queuing out the door to get their hands on the hottest bagged snack in town.

Our aim was simple – to drive awareness of the new products and ensure the launches, both hugely important for KP Snacks, stood out amongst the hundreds of NPD releases the trade media receive every week.

The new McCoy’s Thick Cut and Hula Hoops Golden Hoops can be found in all major supermarkets, convenience stores and wholesales now.

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