Mind over matter.

15 January 2018

We’re ever evolving how we ensure as a team we not only think about our physical fitness, but also the fitness of our minds too. We actively participate in #FitFeb – giving the team time back to attend a yoga class, visit a museum or simply go for a walk. We’ve had a host of external speakers such as The Naked Professor, Jack Green and Sean Holley. We’ve amplified the opportunity to utilize flexible working hours and even more recently we’ve been seeing where technology can help to improve mental health within our workplace.

Starting by looking at the latest apps to see if they have a positive effect on us. And rather than keep our findings to ourselves. We thought we’d share our top three wellbeing apps with you!

“It may seem crazy to think an app on a smartphone can help to disconnect you from busy life. But this app actually does just that."
Kavya Tuffnell, HR Manager

STOP, BREATHE & THINK tested by our HR Manager Kavya: “It may seem crazy to think an app on a smartphone can help to disconnect you from busy life. But this app actually does just that. It cleverly analyses your current mood through some quick questions and then leads you through basic to more advanced guides to mediation. Even just a few minutes of stopping, breathing and thinking can make a difference during a busy day – whether that’s at work or at home juggling family life.”

MEDITATION OASIS was up next and tested by our Account Manager Tim: “This app was quite a simple guide to meditation, music and helping create general calm. Not my choice of music, but the app has a range of podcasts too with differing meditation moments – from finding calm during the day, to helping develop a better sleep pattern. A good night’s sleep can make the world of difference!”

HEADSPACE was tested by our Account Executive Sally: “I downloaded Headspace after realising I don’t take enough time for myself and my mental health. The app can take some time to get used to, no one can deny that! But the idea is to understand the reason for meditation and why sparing 10 minutes of your morning routine with someone telling you how to breathe can actually influence your approach to the day ahead. After getting familiar with the routine and understanding the reason for it, it not only affects your performance at work positively but also your relationships with others around you. Headspace encourages you to continue with the positive and motivational feelings that it suggests, which I genuinely believe over time influences your outlook, performance and motivation.”

Our people are the heart of our business, so ensuring that we look after each other and ourselves is key. If you have any other mindful tips or suggestions please do let us know so that we can share with the team [email protected]

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

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