How to be a successful employer brand.

16 May 2022

At Mercieca, we help our clients engage, educate, inspire, and motivate their own colleagues. And ultimately retain and attract more talent. Here are some of the things that have made our work successful for Coca-Cola European Partners, Canterbury, IQOS, Mitre, Procter & Gamble and Weetabix. We think they’ll make a big difference to your employer brand campaigns too.

Here are our top 10 tips.

  1. As with all brand communication, crafting a strong employer brand is about storytelling. Make your employer comms as engaging as all of your other brand work and use real-life examples
  2. Focus on your people. They are your biggest asset and people want to hear from those who work in an organisation
  3. Make sure your employee (or candidate) experience matches what you communicate as an employer otherwise it can work against you. No one is perfect and it’s good to acknowledge that you are on a continuous journey to improve and develop your people culture and the workplace environment
  4. To build engagement amongst your current team, keep your messages simple, clear, informative and unique to you
  5. Try to avoid jargon, corporate language, or business clichés
  6. Embrace rich media – use high quality videos, photography and visually strong presentations to tell your stories and share news
  7. To attract talent, focus on deeper motivations like culture, purpose, vision and opportunity
  8. Use a multi-channel approach – intranet, company blog, regular emails, social media, print, events, speakers. Use every opportunity you have to stay connected to your team
  9. LinkedIn is your friend, use it – it’s the place to reach and engage potential candidates, both actively looking or passive
  10. Use B2B and marketing media to build your profile as an employer, using key spokespeople to showcase talent within your business

What’s Mercieca’s process?

Our vast experience helps keep things simple. ‘Not complicated’ is our mantra and this applies as much to employer brand work as it does to all our integrated marketing services.

The first part of our process is to properly understand what you need to achieve. We prefer to do this as a face-to-face ‘get to know you’ session, either in our Oxford St office or at your place of work. If needs be, we can do this virtually (on a video call) but we know we’ll both get more out of the session if we can meet.

In many instances, we find our clients already have a clear view of the messages they want to portray and share, they just don’t know how best to do it. In this session we’ll get you to talk through all your thoughts and the problems you’re facing and we’ll even give you some initial thoughts on how we could solve them. Although we can’t show you all our work in this area (you’ll appreciate the P&C nature of a lot of it), we can share some of our experiences and how we’ve solved similar issues.

Once we have the brief agreed, our process is like any other marketing campaign. We’ll devise a strategy and plan, a creative approach and a budget that works for you. We’ll share these with you, take comments on board and then execute the work brilliantly, keeping you informed and as involved as you want to be, right the way through to the final product.

To see some of our Employer Brand work click here or get in touch here.

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