Getting the most out of London Cocktail Week 2018.

4 May 2018

LCW18 is just months away now. Looking back to last year, we were busy planning two stands for Tia Maria + Coffee Project and Fairmont Hotels. Have you booked space? Are you planning a new activation? Too busy to prioritise it just yet? Have no fear.

Take a look at our award winning activation for the Tia Maria + Coffee Project at LCW16 or Fairmont Hotels. For more details or to chat through contact [email protected]

Here are some of our tips to get the most out of London Cocktail Week.

1. First things first, decide where you want to be? The Cocktail Village is the central hub of London Cocktail Week activity and experiences footfall of over 45,000 throughout the week, so get your site space sorted. Think about the positioning of your stand – for maximum visibility it is worth paying more to secure a prime location

2. What’s your theme? Make it strong enough to stand out from the competition and draw attention. It’s not just a case of keeping up with the Joneses – stay true to your brand identity and ensure your activation is consistent with your communications strategy for the year. Our design team can help with creative ideas that deliver impact

3. Nail your cocktails and your drinking strategy. This is what consumers will form a lasting memory of, so your menu needs to make the right impression. What’s your signature serve? Is it a go-to drink, a classic or something innovative? Keep it simple by focusing on what you do best and do it brilliantly. Do you know what your audience has a taste for? With experience in shaping drinking strategies for brands such as Tia Maria, we have the insights to help

4. Go the extra mile – engaging and connecting with your audience is key to standing out. Encourage them to spend time at your stand. Think about what your brand can provide that’s different. Millennials place value on experiences, so can you offer them hands-on masterclasses to perfect their cocktail-making techniques? Consider working with experts to bring added knowledge to your stand, whether that’s a barista to bring top coffee knowledge to an espresso machine or an influential bartender to offer top tips or act as a brand ambassador.

5. Amplify through PR & social media to ensure everyone is talking about your activation – pre, during and post event. Spread the word far through PR, and ensure media and influencers attend throughout the week. Content is king – make sure you’re capturing plenty to share on your social channels, and encourage influencers to add to the buzz by creating and posting their own original content too.

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