How is Gen Z driving global culture?

3 January 2024

Instagram has unveiled its 2024 Instagram Trend Talk, Gen Z’s take on trends that will drive global culture next year.

A great read for anyone who is looking to join Gen Z’s conversation. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, news or dating, this survey brings to the surface many of the trends that matter to Gen Z. Ahead of any new proposal or strategy, we always start by asking the target audience what they want, think and feel, and the 2024 Instagram Trend Talk, in partnership with WGSM goes wider than that, across parts of the UK, US, Europe & Asia. Any great idea stems from a truth.

“2023 has been a year on socials to remember. From Barbie-core painting the world pink, to the rise of the ‘girl dinner’, viral moments and trends on Instagram and beyond have been driving global culture and influencing Gen Z’s next move.” – Instagram.

Here are our top three findings from the 2024 Instagram Trend Talk report:

  • Gen Z are focusing on sustainable fashion goals in ’24. They’re most likely to buy fewer new clothes, repeat outfits and shop locally. The top sustainable fashion practices we’ll see include buying less new clothes, repeating outfits, shopping local, thrifting and shopping second hand online
  • Gen Z are interested in trying trending foods and ingredients, with 45% saying they’re interested in consuming vegan products, and 42% saying they’re interested in trying plant based meat
  • In 2024, Gen Z will take action on the issues most important to them through ‘educating yourself/others’, ‘voting’, and ‘using social media to spread awareness’
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