Ever heard of zebra-striping? Key drinks trends for 2024

10 June 2024

Ever heard of zebra-striping? Neither had we, but according to our friends at research agency KAM, it’s one of the latest drinking trends being adapted by Gen-Z.

KAM has just released a new report, 2024 Low and No: Drinking Differently, which looks at the changing drinking landscape in the UK and how moderation plays a part.

Over half (56%) of adults plan to reduce their alcohol consumption in 2024, with 1 in 5 Gen Z claiming to not drink alcohol. The research also found that Gen Z is consuming less alcohol but still the most frequent visitors to pubs and clubs – showing that while they still love socialising, the need for low and no options is there.

While most people default to water, it’s not their preferred non-alcoholic drink – and shockingly, this could be leading to up £800m in missed annual revenue because of lack of options!

We’ve compiled some of the key trends that all drinks brands should be considering for 2024:

  1. Zebra-striping: A new drinking habit that helps UK adults moderate how much they drink during the night. Zebra-striping refers to alternating between alcoholic and no/low drinks – nearly a quarter (23%) of UK adults claim to do this to moderate their consumption
  2. Bookending: Starting and ending the night with a no/low option but drinking alcoholic beverages in between. Some 44% of adults say they are more likely to stay for ‘one for the road’ if non-alcoholic versions of their favourite drinks are available at a venue
  3. Activity led socialising: The UK is moving away from ‘booze centred’ socialising to venues that are more activity led – think boozy bowling or crazy gold. More than 1 in 3 visits to on-trade venues are alcohol free, and research has found that moderators are the influencers. The non-drinkers in the group are more likely to influence the choice of venue
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