Driving work life balance through #FitFeb

12 February 2019

This is our third #FitFeb. A Mercieca initiative to encourage our team to ensure they’re looking after not only their physical fitness but mental wellbeing too.

It’s also an active lesson in time management. Giving everyone time back throughout the month to go to a class, visit a museum or simply go for a walk around Regents Park. We’re encouraging them to get into the habit of, and prioritise, making time for themselves.

Agency life doesn’t get any less busy. The demands of our industry mean even shorter deadlines and the most experienced of us can sometimes still feel the pressure. That’s why it’s so important to encourage our people to work flexibly. Not just during February, but throughout the year. Change behaviour to make time for fitness, plan ahead time out, and use up that holiday allowance. ‘No time’ is an excuse not a reason.

We offer flexible working to all of our team to ensure that they fit their work around life and not the other way around. Encouraging them to breakaway from the routine 9-5 to work the hours that suit them, has seen a refreshed and more motivated team. A team built on trust, respect and commitment. A team that is flourishing.

“I’ve worked in a number of company’s all shapes and sizes, and Mercieca’s approach to people is second to none. The majority of benefits that we offer purposely aims to ensure that the team are well looked after, whether it’s access to gym membership or flexible working, the agency remains true to people being the heart of the business.”
Kavya, Mercieca HR Manager

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